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The San Antonio Shadowrun Collaborative meets twice a week at Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy. This is their downtime message board, journal, and between-session RPG.

Mondays (Year 2070)
6:00pm in room #2

Tuesdays (Year 2056)
6:00pm in room #2

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so fragging tempting
 sixth_world - (texastroll)
04:21pm 19/05/2009
I had the Lizard in my sights with a behind the ear shot,sooo fragging tempting.  The new shaman was with me don't what use he'll be, but he follows orders good, but he is Velocity problem not mine. One dead truck driver, I won't lose sleep over it, we needed the truck. Two choices loom in front of us black bag the Ladies Clark, or crash the gate doing 98 with the truck. Wonder if Sianes or Alan pick up on the call from the foundation to Lady Dandylion. Strach says we need to burn down the Tailmouonger shop here, cause it sells blood magic stuff. Nightime burning away got to make our move or moves now. I must look over the sat photos of the plant. See if  Saines can find the untilies tunnels or underground cables for commo and stuff. see if can find power rooms or back up genoraters take them out. where is guard room/barracks. Housing for the bigwigs. Time is burning.
location: corn field
mood: rushedrushed
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Labour's strife Increasing (More internal monologe)
 sixth_world - (george_labour)
01:24pm 19/05/2009
I am beginning to think free will is not a right , but a privilege some simply are not worthy of, much like the ability to speak. Also, the use of a machine gun on a prisoner is wasteful and messy.

Time and again the rather anti social attitude of our driver and secondary information warfare member has proved quite the unprofessional. I expect he may have a humanis leaning somewhere in that mech obsessed head of his, as this would explain his obvious jealousy and bitter resentment of my mental agility. Or, something far more insidious considering his sudden infatuation with the stim addict recently returned to me by Lofwyr. I am now faced with the choice of wasting precious power on overcoming such unprofessional attitudes, dismantling him into a proper servant, or suffering his inefficient mannerisms as I attempt to complete the contract. I suppose simply accepting him as, a family member, will do until we are somewhere less dangerous.

Well, dead cheerleader's don't loot themselves. I had best do what i can to make this look like a robbery rather than a ignorant waste of ammo.

But, the proselytizing  one seems to have brought me further news of which I either have to doubt, or become incredibly worried over. Entities worse than the deep planar beings may be coming to this realm of existence and thrive on bending the aetheric conduits to their will. Considering I am currently not enjoying even this supposed servitude to that scaly slitch in Germany, I find the idea of something worse almost frightening. Further research is required, perhaps the old chap is simply  spouting typical mundane drivel. This would no be the first time a sleeper has bothered me with ignorant rantings of how my kind are all servants of dark powers after all. Let us just hope Redcap's utterances will not earn him the same implosion of his chakras that those others rightly deserved.

Hrmm, not a bad haul of items. And these ritual trinkets may prove useful though their obvious. Far to tainted with the wailing colors of mad corruption but I imagine that freak in johnson form will find them interesting enough. Or, the atlantean foundation or my new, employer might. If I can ingratiate myself to the condescending lizard perhaps he may tell me if the old man was simply babbling nonsense.

Which reminds me. It is almost to convenient that they're sending us new assets to deploy on the ops. First a shaman that seems barely coherent and talks to his shoulder, and now some manner of mage. What's next, a poetry spouting chromed kill machine?

I do wish the orc wouldn't do things that made grown men scream like that. It might attract attention. Next time we interrogate high school students and employees we're renting a cargo container. If only keeping this other side of me was not proving so difficult to control my limitless potential might have been able to simply rip the answers from the exploding psyches that had been their minds. Fracking Lofwyr and whatever it is his he did, even if it is useful.

Hrrrssss time to move on from these thoughts lest I unleash my pent up frustrations on those I currently require. The tanker truck seems to be readied, The prisoners handled, and now to go see about acquiring this secretary. Considering this was the easy part of our operation I think I'll send in the Stereotype and the new meats first. If she has a means of ingress then we won't need to cause a explosion viewable from low orbit.
mood: apatheticapathetic
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(no subject)
 sixth_world - (jonesy_70)
08:56pm 18/05/2009

Jonesy stared out over the exercise yard of the monastery trying to get things straight in his head.  Looking at the other initiates go through the exercises that will help them channel and control the flow of mana that all adepts feel helped him relax.  A brief smile slid across his face as he remembered the first time he had becomed awakened and felt the thrill of the magic infuse his very being.  Such things seem like they occured in a different life time.  When he had decided to become a runner, he believed  it was a logical choice.  How best to hone and challenge your skills than to test them against those that were trying to do the same thing! 

Not for the first time he rubbed his dry, gritty eyes.  How quickly the logical had become illogical.  He no longer felt in control of his destiny.  The Krupp corporation had put an invisible leash around him when they had unexpectedly come to his aid.  Jonesy still didn't know if it was the right decision to agree to such terms but options seemed limited at that particular moment.  And what the frag happened to Seattle while he was away!  That part still rankled.  He hoped his runner chums were safe in Nebraska.  They had gotten a contract and were gone quickly.  He had an appointment to meet up with an old friend tomorrow.  He hadn't seen Suki in quite awhile and hoped she was still on the level. 

The sun was sinking lower in the sky and Jonesy had an early appointment with his Master that he could not miss.  Too much drek to sort out now.  When he was an initiate not so long ago a wizard once told him that things happen for a reason.  He wished he could cipher that reason out before he got burnt.

mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
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Monday Night Scum Run
 sixth_world - (agenda_ork)
12:52am 12/05/2009
Amy wasn't available.  I have setup a scum run to use whenever she's not available.  The team enjoyed it and minus a flaw or two, it ran reasonably well.  I'd appreciate if no one posted about it, as it is not part of one of the two prime games and would only add clutter here on our lovely forum.
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OOC What did I miss?
 sixth_world - (redcap31)
08:17pm 06/05/2009
What did the group do last Monday?
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we need more groundpounders
 sixth_world - (texastroll)
08:33pm 05/05/2009
I think we are rushing this black bag mission. Unfortunally we don't have much of a choice, with the new moon approaching tonight. After we crash the "party" we will have thirty minutes or lots less to start the raid on the facility. Which with the motel going sky high, it put them on a higher state of alert( full tactical load out). Things we don't where the geneaters or power lines are, Barracks, intertior lay out is, are they under ground systems, sewer system, air purification system and last but not communication with outside world/ home office. Other Magic things with dead on the ground how fast can the bad guys make spirts from the dead we pile up.

gotta ask stratch if I voluteer to be possessed we it be a symbotic relationship allowing to see into astral so I flame the sprits? or it can  pocess my hoof peice and though that.
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 sixth_world - (soror)
12:22pm 05/05/2009
Sister Sue posting in Sixth World
Last night we were having a lot of fun with Omaha Steaks, etc....and Dom DeLuise was brought up more than once during the course of the evening...apparently he died last night. Creeeeeeeeepy.

And remember kids:

"An Awakened Steak...is the Best Steak."
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OOC SR game on Monday
 sixth_world - (redcap31)
12:16pm 01/05/2009
This MOnday is final exams, so I won't be able to make it to DR until 8:30, at least.  As I see it, we have three options.  1)  Amy awards Karma for the run to Africa, but declares that "it was just a dream" and runs her own adventure in Seattle.  2)  I give Amy the background on the mission and she finishes it 3) you wait until 8:30 to start.  I e-mailed Amy to ask which one she'd prefer, but I haven't heard back yet. 
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Labour's hardship
 sixth_world - (george_labour)
09:51pm 30/04/2009
Why must I suffer so for the material gratification of these banal bumpkins I call comrades? If not for their convenient use as taxis, info services, and bullet catchers I probably would have sold the lot of them the moment our contact mentioned a thriving slave market for trained personnel. But then, I would have to find a new group of pawns to shield myself with, and that can be so tiresome. Especially when they're annoying enough to ask about the last team.

Still it is best not to bemoan my fate and instead focus on my future, or at least the five flying snake things trying to kill me. I do wish that my comrades were as all around capable as myself, but at least the Orc could make it in here with me. Wonder if he saw where the mind slave I sent towards the switch went. Anyhoo, onto dispensing genetic cleansing.

Hrsss, eat soul hemorrhaging death you obnoxious non sense phallically symbolic mutant! Ah, much better only four now. Oh wait, three, and by the sound of that close in thunder I'd say the stereotype has gotten involved. If he shoots me, I shall have decimate him and all his kin within two generations.

Hrawrrmmm Die , DIE FOUL HISSING SERPENTINE REJECTS OF A RETARDED GAWDS IDEAL BEING! Try to inject poison into my tail will you, enjoy the flaying of the very nature of life itself. This is why you do not mess with someone in the top one percent  of the most powerful creatures ever. That's right, scream and thrash you witless bother. Oh, great, someone shot it in the head...now I need to find a good dry cleaner who works with oddly tailored armored suits.

Ah, good, the last two are retreating now, and my elemental is still alive. I shall have to remember their usefulness as irritants from now on. I'll also have to remember to be more careful when using my watcher spirits for reconnaissance. Their inability to spot these paranatrual blights was almost inconvenient, and has congested my sinuses.

Hrmm Judging from the sound of a jeep approaching at high speed, I'd say the more simian minded of my cohorts are crossing the bridge now, which means it's probably down. I think I'll get out of the way now with the convenience of wings. It simply would not do to get run over by my chauffeur after all. His painful, yet quick , demise would keep the others in line but vastly inconvenience me further.

Now to finish this job, maybe go eliminate the pirates who made me miss leaving this Dragon forsaken continent on time, and then back to the matter of Destroying some real obstacles.
mood: annoyedannoyed
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Bloody e'll
 sixth_world - (drakomier)
09:52pm 30/04/2009
**ADMIN** personal log 4/30/2070
Well its been another wonderful bloddy day  in this stink hole that some folk call Afrika but personally id just call it drek.  It wouldnt be so bad if these chummers who call themselves runners wood get there eads out of theyre hoops, Ehhh i guess i shouldnt give em all a bad rap but weve got some  bloomin morons in da bunch. somedays i wish i could just stay in VR all the time but ive got to eat somtime and allan gots those great burritos...YUM... Ahh well guess everytin cant allways go me way.  Well see if tomorow brings me deeper into E''ll! or if these Chummers can pull theyre arses out of da fire.   
location: Fraggin Afrika
mood: aggravatedaggravated
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