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The San Antonio Shadowrun Collaborative meets twice a week at Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy. This is their downtime message board, journal, and between-session RPG.

Mondays (Year 2070)
6:00pm in room #2

Tuesdays (Year 2056)
6:00pm in room #2

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Season Finale of Doom
 sixth_world - (arsfortuna)
01:29pm 08/08/2009
I probably shouldn't have thought of the jail break as our season finale. Turns out that it's a bit prophetic. The rising action had our usual misadventures (which I think are the real reason why we never get paid) and kept everyone in good spirits, except Pointy-chan, who was taken into Tir custody.

The climax was the right way to end it! Our crack team of possessed ground hogs with spy gadgets managed to excavate several good tunnels around the underground complex. They upgraded to badgers once the walls were breached and ate up Tir sec. Gojira did his trope and possessed the girl we were there to save and got her to freedom.

Rawr! didn't dig the groundhog bit, so he lounged around the donut shop for the week we were at it. Killing people as a nigh-unkillable badger was righteous fun though! Poor guy was depressed when it finally died, but that wasn't until 2 second teams were down and the high response unit was pouring out DPS. I think we'll go on a tour and let him play with exotic animals, that should cheer him back up.

Tux and BSD dropped their badgers off in the kitchen pantry as a surprise for when the facility is rebuilt (wonder how fat they'll be after munching on the Tir antifood for a few days). Of course this wasn't exactly to plan, but I can't blame them for happening to find the host room. I'm not sure how much they ran off with, they'd only giggle through their gamma tan'd decker hosts when I asked. I'm pretty sure that I'll find out as I spend a few weeks tweaking the systems for them. BSD has a circuit design he's been wanting me to burn; something that should allow utilities to be burned as hard chips like persona mods are as protection against grey deck burning ICE. I guess I'll find out once I'm not grounded. >.<

So yeah, grounded. Erhan even called it that when he told me to come back to the estate. Apparently he wasn't that happy with the epilogue. You know how right after the credits when the good guys are driving safely away they'll show a cliffhanger for the next season?

It sucked!

We got ganked while still PvP flagged. I think that Marcus, K-Nite and Suki all survived, but we were all in such bad shape.

The fighting retreat didn't work out with the firepower they brought. I asked Shoggy to swim Evan's Mom back to Seattle if he had to, haven't heard anything since, so he's either keeping quiet while he does it or they've been caught and he's being kept under some paralock and key. I got a massive headache and barrier up right before the car I was hiding behind blew. I went over the cliff, but the barrier kept me from all but some broken ribs. Hopefully the Tir thinks the blast killed me and I was swept out to sea. Skrzat was the last in my harem after that and I used the last of his services staying alive till landfall.

After going to ground I was able to dig up a few tidbits prior to getting grounded. Tir intelligence says they've been brought into custody. Evan is due to be executed tomorrow, so I've asked That Guy Who Does That Thing to find out where the almost extinct pararose bush is being cultivated these days. Maybe if the Tir thinks any stragglers will bugger off or go after his Mom, who is still fucking hawt, I can snatch him back.

Unfortunately I think Groundhogs do "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure in 60 seconds" is on haitus.

Hopefully we're not getting cancelled.
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(no subject)
02:26pm 19/08/2009 (UTC)
Did I miss a session?
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(no subject)
03:41pm 19/08/2009 (UTC)
Sister Susie Bitchface
Nah, I ran a little thing for Hub/Evan to get their storyline done and prepare for the next series of games, and this is the result.

Still trying to iron out where and when.
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