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The San Antonio Shadowrun Collaborative meets twice a week at Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy. This is their downtime message board, journal, and between-session RPG.

Mondays (Year 2070)
6:00pm in room #2

Tuesdays (Year 2056)
6:00pm in room #2

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 sixth_world - (agenda_ork)
11:22pm 25/05/2009
No one showed.  I will run it next week.  If you want to join same rules as listed before.  Rules to remember for character generation are that no more than half of your points can be spent on attributes; meaning for this 125 points.  Also, don't forget that knowledge skills are free levels for the initial allowance.  You have free knowledges = logic + intuition x 3 and each point represents a level in a knowledge.  After that it is 2 bp per level and 4 to max it and 1 for specialization.  You can also use 1 free point to specialize as well.  If there are any questions, make the character as best as you can and I'll answer them on monday.
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