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  Shadowrun RPG
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The San Antonio Shadowrun Collaborative meets twice a week at Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy. This is their downtime message board, journal, and between-session RPG.

Mondays (Year 2070)
6:00pm in room #2

Tuesdays (Year 2056)
6:00pm in room #2

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7:30 Start time
 sixth_world - (agenda_ork)
05:25pm 25/05/2009
Continuing the scum run beginning at 7:30. We're at a good point where I can introduce some new characters. If anyone is interested in joining please have your character ready at that time. 250 Build Points. No external gear, bioware, cyberware, nanotech, and medtech only. You are permitted one set of clothes, but you will not be starting with any cash. The clothing cannot be more armored or obvious than armor clothing. You are not allowed a social standing, so when picking up qualities stay away from things like Born Rich. Add this quality for free (Escaped Clone).
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