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The San Antonio Shadowrun Collaborative meets twice a week at Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy. This is their downtime message board, journal, and between-session RPG.

Mondays (Year 2070)
6:00pm in room #2

Tuesdays (Year 2056)
6:00pm in room #2

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 sixth_world - (mark78_e)
07:09pm 19/05/2009
//Destination Admin/J.Saines
//Hey, I am assigning these drones to you, and sending you the Tac-Soft so that you can
//manage this from your location. I am going to be unable to assist from this point on.
//Good luck on your mission. I have to go. might want to contact your contact and arrange for
//transportation of the Mage after capture.
//Message End//

/Assign_drone/Nova1 -> Admin/J.Saines
/Assign_drone/Gatebuster -> Admin/J.Saines
/Transfer_file/Tac-SoftL2 -> Admin/J.Saines

//Destination User/Tex
//Title:good luck
//I have to go. good luck.
//Message End//

//Destination User/Scratch
//Title: gotta go
//Good luck on your mission. I hope you all live through this.. well maybe not all of them.
//but most. I appologize for leaving so suddenly

/network/disconnect_network party_channel

/Recall_drone/SteelLynx1 /now
/Recall_drone/SteelLynx2 /now
/Recall_drone/Airsupport1 /now

I drop all thier stuff off into the room in town.

Set bill -> George Labor

/homebase/navigation/new_location/set Denver
mood: apatheticapathetic
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